About Movexx

Movexx moves your work more easily

In a constantly changing world in which logistical applications are being given an increasingly prominent role within every organization, we offer smart and sustainable solutions for all your horizontal movements. We are the market leader in easy horizontal transport of goods and materials on wheels weighing up to six tons. This is done using our sustainable, efficient, and ergonomic smart electric tugs.

We ensure that people and logistics can perform optimally together in order to increase employee vitality while improving the efficiency of logistics processes at the same time.

Logistic innovators

With over fifteen years of experience, we excel in our field by continuously innovating and by providing a customized service. Every assignment is unique and so too is every solution. We understand the challenges our customers face. We apply our knowledge of logistics processes to keep coming up with creative and workable solutions. Either by offering standard solutions or by providing a customized service.

We remain true to ourselves and follow our own path. Proud of who we are, what we do, and where we come from. We are a typically Dutch manufacturing company with production carried out in-house.