Move your work easier in the retail & distribution industry

Any logistic process fast and efficient

Things always need to be done faster, cheaper, and more efficiently in your sector. This is achieved by reducing manual actions in a safe manner, improving order picking speeds, and increasing productivity. By using Movexx smart electric tugs, your logistics process will be safe, fast, and efficient. Narrow aisles, large cumbersome items that do not fit on the racks, and heavily loaded pallets are no longer a problem.

Your employees will be able to move large and small loads with the greatest of ease. Sickness absenteeism due to strains and injuries will decrease considerably, which will have a positive effect on everyone.

Increase your picking speed

Movexx has developed two platform machines for retail and distributions. These platform machines significantly improve the flexibility of employees as they can step on and off them quickly and easily. Order picking speeds shoot up as employees waste as little time as possible.

The possibilities:

  • Collect orders
  • Move whole lines of shopping trolleys
  • Remove residual waste
  • Load and unload containers

Looking for another application? We’d be happy to help you find a solution!