Transport Your Load on Wheels Efficiently and Ergonomically!

It is always a burdensome and ergonomically irresponsible job. The moving of heavy shopping cars, hospital beds, transport carts, industry carts, and roll containers. Fortunately, change is coming with the Movexx electric tug. Compact, very user-friendly electro tugs, which can take roll containers and other rolling transport carts very easy and without physical taxation from one place to the other. The majority of our electric tugs make use of the powerful and sustainable lithium batteries, which can transform material handling into a simple task. Moreover, our lithium batteries are exchangeable, to optimize the work process. To couple an electric tug to a load, something has to be used to couple it. We supply a standard hook, which is easy to couple to most carts and trolleys. If the supplied standard hook is not satisfying, a customized coupling system can be designed. Contact us, or one of our dealers for more information.

Movexx is voted best entrepreneur in Veenendaal

On Monday evening 12 September, Movexx was elected the best entrepreneur of Veenendaal in the category Large enterprises. A huge compliment of which we are very proud. This election took place during the Business Event Veenendaal, which took place again last Monday...

Digital magazine

Our first digital magazine has been published! This edition is about the T1000-BASIC and the T1000. You can also read more about Movexx International and what drives us. You can read it here.

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