Move your work easier in the healthcare & laundry industry

Safe and efficient 

Over 40% of employees in the healthcare and welfare sector experience high to very high pressure at work. This is due to the number of tasks and the physical loads that the work entails. The healthcare sector has a high rate of absenteeism and new recruits are in short supply. Every day, it is a challenge to complete schedules on time.

In addition, it is quite a task to move mobile loads as safely and efficiently as possible in busy hospitals or healthcare institutions, while minimizing the risk for staff and patients. Our smart electric tugs not only reduce strain on your staff when they carry out physically demanding tasks but the number of manual tasks is also reduced. And this is all done as safely as possible.

The perfect solution when working under time pressure

With the healthcare sector in mind, we developed a simple ‘bed mover’ that can be used to move many different types of beds. This helps to alleviate work load, reduce the number of employees needed, and lower costs, making it possible to work more efficiently.

Our tugs are used to:

  • Move hospital beds
  • Pull linen carts
  • Remove rubbish bins and clinical waste
  • Bring meals round

Looking for another application? We’d be happy to help you find a solution!