What ergonomics can do for your company and your employees?


A poorly designed workplace leads to worker fatigue and frustration. It decreases the quality of output and productively. To make matter worse, it unnecessarily exposes your workers to the risk of injury. However, there is a solution, and it’s called Ergonomics.

Ergonomics is the study of designing work environments that take people’s efficiency, capabilities, and limitations into consideration. At Movexx, we like to think of “ergonomixx” as the art of moving between comfort and efficiency. When designing our products, the people behind the wheel were our priority.

Over the past twelve years, we have gained valuable insight into how ergonomic improvements can create better work experiences for people and give a business a competitive advantage in the market. Some of our clients and their organizations have benefited immensely, just by introducing Ergonomic electric tugs into their supply chain process.

Here are a few benefits we’ve witnessed along the way:

1. Reduce costs:

Our ergonomically designed electric tug reduces employees’ risk of injury, and they improve the workers quality of output. Less sick leaves taken due to injury and fewer products damaged due to physically stained employees, means a more profitable business.

2. Improves productivity:

Our electric tugs ensure that the driver always maintains the correct posture, especially while in motion. The adjustable handle or back support ensure that the driver remains at optimal heights, and over time, he can comfortably and securely move more loads. When your workers are more productive, so is your business.

3. Improves employee wellbeing:

Ensuring that our workers can perform at their best, and enjoy their work, is something we take very seriously at Movexx. That’s why when we design our tugs, we were mindful of how workers would physically and emotionally benefit from operating.  When your employees feel good about doing their job, their attitude towards your business changes and together everyone thrives.

We know the firsthand benefits of Ergonomics. For your workers, it creates a safer working environment and a place that they will be proud to work in, and for your business, it improves your efficacy and productivity.

So, ask yourself, “what can Ergonomics do for me, my business, and my employees?”

We can help you find the best electric tug for your industry. All you have to do is contact us. We are there for you!