What are electric tugs?


Logistics is about the ability of getting the right goods to the right location at the right time. This movement of goods is largely moved horizontally on carts. In the retail sector this is often done by moving roll containers from the truck to the storage space of a shop. This is largely done manually by people who provide the strength to move these containers themselves. Although this may seem a good solution in the short term, it has long-term consequences for the employee’s body. Physical stress, such as lifting, pushing and pulling, can cause back and shoulder complaints. This can lead to pain and reduced functioning, resulting in less efficient management. The electric tug is designed to increase the well-being of the employee.

What are electric tugs?
An electric tug is a battery-powered machine used to move heavy loads on wheels. It eliminates the need for physical load. This saves the worker’s body and allows for more efficient work, as several heavy loads can be moved at the same time.

We supply a standard hook, which is easy to attach to most trolleys and carts. If the supplied standard hook is not suitable, a custom made coupling system can be designed by our engineers. This way we can always offer a suitable solution for your logistics problem. Please contact us or one of our dealers for more information.

When the cargo is coupled to the tug, heavy loads can easily be moved. Trolleys can be loaded to the maximum and then linked together. In this way, ergonomics are improved and this leads to an extremely efficient work process. Since the electric tug does not lift its load from the ground, it does not have to comply with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), so the user does not need a licence to operate the electric tug.

The electric tug can be designed in different ways to be used in multiple market segments and weight classes. For example, there are electric tug that must be operated on foot, but also electric tug that are intended for longer distances and on which one can sit and stand. In principle, electric tugs can be used for several market segments, but we will name the most common applications:

Save costs and increase the productivity of your company
We still notice that employees in companies manually move heavy loads. Lifting, carrying and pushing heavy loads can eventually lead to disorders such as back complaints, arm, neck and shoulder complaints. Research has shown that physical heavy workloads lead to 24% to 28% higher absenteeism due to illness. This is not only very annoying for the employee, but also for the employer. As an employer you are responsible for your employees and besides the fact that the employee can no longer be scheduled for his or her work, a higher absenteeism also leads to higher costs for the employer.

With the Movexx electric tugs there is no physical effort required anymore, because it’s entirely provided by the tug. In this case, the personnel is relieved of carrying physically heavy loads and can work in an ergonomic way.

We produce pedestrian models, sit-on models, stand-on models and automatic guided vehicles.