Move your work easier in the waste & facility industry

Optimize waste management

The total global population is projected to reach eight billion people by 2025, leading to increasing demand for food products. An increase in the collective waste we produce is a logical consequence of this, and all market segments have to deal with waste processing. Movexx smart electric tugs help you optimize your waste management so your staff can process waste as safely and efficiently as possible, with the least amount of physical exertion.

Realize profit in time and money

Movexx smart electric tugs are used successfully in many different market segments to optimize waste management.
For example, instead of moving a single container by hand, now you can use a smart electric tug to move a whole train of containers, all in one trip. This saves you time and money while minimizing the risk of strains.

Use Movexx smart electric tugs to:

  • Move waste containers from garages or cellars to the ground floor
  • Move whole lines of waste containers
  • Load and unload containers

Looking for another application? We’d be happy to help you find a solution!