Move your work easier at the industry

Safer and faster

Product managers focus on three top areas: reducing machinery downtime, keeping production lines running, and keeping employees safe. We support your production process and increase your efficiency, saving you time. With Movexx smart electric tugs, you can maximize speed, safety, and efficiency in your materials handling. Our tugs enable your employees to move large and small loads without physical strain and with the greatest of ease.

You reduce downtime because any trained employee can move a load with a Movexx tug. Waiting for an available forklift truck or overhead crane becomes a thing of the past.

The solution for milk runs

Automotive manufacturers often use transport trains, also known as milk runs, for internal transport. These milk runs are made up of pallet dollies fitted with four swivel castors. Moving those carts in a quick and safe manner used to be impossible. That changed with the development of our MD series of smart electric tugs.

Use Movexx smart electric tugs to:

  • Transport semi-finished products
  • Replenish production stocks
  • Move heavy equipment
  • Remove production waste

Looking for another application? We’d be happy to help you find a solution!