Move your work easier in the food & pharma industry

Safe and ergonomic

Your sector faces daily challenges in meeting high production targets and delivery deadlines while maintaining a safe, ergonomic, and 100% hygienic workspace. Strict legal standards are in place to prevent contamination of your product.

With our stainless steel cleanroom machines, you ensure that your employees can work safely and ergonomically, while complying with legal requirements and increasing the efficiency of work processes, saving you time and money.

Give dirt and bacteria no chance

Since cracks and seams in machines can be disastrous, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, we developed a series of cleanroom machines crafted entirely of stainless steel. The laser-welding technology gives dirt, bacteria, and other fibres present in the air no chance to accumulate in the tug.

Use Movexx smart electric tugs to:

  • Move stock around cleanrooms
  • Move liquid tanks in a cleanroom environment
  • Move sensitive equipment with precision in a cleanroom environment

Looking for another application? We’d be happy to help you find a solution!