Move your work easier in the datacenter industry

Preventing incidents and ensuring efficiency

Incidents in a data center are of a very costly nature. Injuries to personnel and damage to hardware and software due to the movement and transportation of server racks are an absolute no-go. We are aware that joints, thresholds, and other small obstacles are fatal obstacles when moving server racks. This applies to both shorter and longer distances, as well as when crating and uncrating the server racks. The Movexx server rack tugs are designed so that your operators can move this valuable hardware smoothly, safely, and responsibly.

Eliminating the risks

By using our server rack tugs, your employees can move the racks safely, ergonomically and stable. Whether it’s moving them over shorter or longer distances in data centers and warehouses or for crating and uncrating purposes. Using our server rack tug will reduce injuries from overloading and acute incidents.

The possibilities:

  • Moving server racks over long distances
  • Moving server racks over short distances
  • Uncrating server racks
  • Crating server racks

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