Move your work more easily at the airport

Move your work more easily at the airport

Your staff at the airport deal constantly with high workplace pressures and heavy physical loads. Tight schedules combined with pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, and repetitive actions can strain employees, increasing their time off work due to physical and psychological problems. Sickness absenteeism then increases pressure on remaining staff in a vicious cycle. And, employers are often legally obliged to provide employees with aids when loading or moving equipment or materials manually cannot be avoided.

Movexx smart electric tugs can reduce strain on your employees, generate more efficient work processes, and enable compliance with legal requirements, saving you time and money.

Lighter, faster and easier

Movexx smart electric tugs make moving luggage carts and meal trolleys remarkably easier and faster than typical solutions, with a lighter overall load. This is a big advantage in the airport sector where fast restocking of aircraft supplies is a priority.

Outfitted with radiographic remote control, our T1000 and T3500 platform machines, which have the power to pull five meal trolleys at once, can reduce the number of employees needed for a task from three to one.

Use Movexx smart electric tugs to:

  • Move luggage carts
  • Tow meal trolleys
  • Move aircraft stairs
  • Tow helicopters or small planes
Looking for another application? We’d be happy to help you find a solution!