Tools to reduce physical stress in construction: smart electric tugs


Construction site workers perform physically demanding work much of the time. As a result, physical strain is often high. This can lead to various physical complaints, especially in the shoulders, neck and back. And in the long run even lead to absenteeism or disability. In the construction industry, 43% of work-related absenteeism is due to physical stress. By reducing the physical load on your employees, you reduce the risk of health problems, both in the short and long term. The smart electric outdoor tug, a new addition to our tug family, makes work on construction sites easier and lighter. In this blog, we explain how the outdoor tug reduces physical stress on your employees.

Working safely in construction: your role as an organization

As an organization, you are responsible for facilitating a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. Performing physically demanding work should not be or become a hazard to their safety or health. You cannot eliminate hazards completely, but you can minimize the risks within your organization. You are even obliged to inform employees about how they can prevent physical complaints by, for example, adopting a good work posture. You are also expected to provide appropriate ergonomic tools. A ladder elevator may be the first thing you think of, but our smart electric tugs are also ergonomically sound tools. They make your employees’ work, easier, lighter and promote healthy posture.

Reducing physical strain in construction: the outdoor tug

How does a smart electric tug contribute to safe working conditions? Our outdoor tug is a smart electric tug and specially designed for rough terrain. This makes this tug the ideal companion for your construction employees. Your employees are physically relieved by being able to assume an upright standing position while using the tug. And that’s not the only way this tug supports your employees. It greatly reduces physical stress when moving heavy loads, such as a cart of demolition waste or a finished modular structure. Our compact outdoor tug can withstand rain and is excellent for use on a variety of surfaces.

The benefits for the construction industry

What makes this tug particularly suitable for the construction industry? The outdoor tug has extra-wide tires. This gives it plenty of grip and makes it even easier to use on a slope. In addition, this tug is distinguished by its relatively high ground clearance of approximately 100 mm. In short, a tug that is unique and groundbreaking in many ways. The outdoor goes to places where previous smart electric tugs from Movexx have never been. An asset for construction companies and other organizations seeking a smart solution to logistical challenges, both indoors and on the construction site.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Safer work environment through reduced forklift dependency
  • Reduced delays as any trained operator can move a load
  • Facilitates safe and ergonomic movement of heavy loads

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