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Viggo enhances ground handling with smart electric tugs for increased ergonomics and efficiency

Ergonomics and innovation as cornerstones

Viggo is not only active in and around the aircraft. With self-developed software solutions, they ensure that processes are better and more efficiently regulated. They pay extra attention to ergonomic and innovative work practices, aiming to safeguard the health of colleagues and contribute to a safe and responsible working environment.

An ongoing theme that receives a lot of attention at Viggo is “Safety News.” Tips and posters promoting ergonomic work practices can be found throughout the company. In collaboration with Eindhoven Technical University, they have developed an extensive training program enthusiastically followed by all colleagues. Thanks to this training, employees can apply the correct lifting and handling techniques daily, for example, when moving baggage carts.

Why a smart electric tug?

The choice for an electric tug is a recent development. The retail branch at Eindhoven Airport has been using smart electric tugs for years. Viggo witnessed these handy electric tugs daily at the airport, becoming familiar with the Movexx brand and the practical applications of the smart electric tug. Their progressive and ergonomic approach led to a demonstration. This prompted the Viggo management to ask, ‘Is an electric tug capable of easily moving two heavy baggage carts (700 kg empty each) in and around the baggage hall?’ Safety and efficiency on the airside area were crucial considerations.

Make your work easier

‘’Where moving luggage carts used to be physically demanding for two colleagues, it is now performed by the specially developed TT2500-S-AT. In the new situation, only one person is needed without any physical strain. “Move your work easier” is a slogan embraced by Viggo’’.

Additionally, there was the challenge of connecting two carts in an ergonomically responsible manner. Movexx presented the solution to remotely control the rear cart, making it possible to effortlessly inch (gently move to connect) the carts without requiring physical effort from employees.

Experience it yourself?

Smart electric tugs will significantly simplify the work at Viggo while maintaining a focus on ergonomics and efficiency. Does this story inspire you to discover the benefits of smart electric tugs for yourself? Take the step towards an improved working environment. Contact us today!”

Movexx, move your work easier!

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