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Seder Makina embraces efficient, sustainable and ergonomic working

Qualitative and complete product range

“In 2020, we made the decision to become a Movexx dealer and we haven’t regretted it for a moment,” says Mr. Sedat. He was introduced to smart electric tugs several years earlier. “I was immediately impressed by the benefits of smart electric tugs. Movexx’s qualitative and complete product range turned out to exactly meet our needs when we were looking for a sustainable, green innovation to support logistics departments of Turkish business.”

A strong position in the Turkish market

“The process of becoming a Movexx dealer went smoothly. After another dealer quit in Turkey, we saw the opportunity to bring smart electric tugs even more prominently to the attention of our customers,” says Sedat. After the partnership started, the team received the necessary training to work optimally with the extensive product range. Every day, the Seder Makina team works to strengthen their position in the smart electric tugs market.

“We are really on track to gain a strong position. Our Turkish customers have experienced the added value of working more efficiently with smart electric tugs. Logistics departments notice a smoother flow of processes with the result that many are soon expanding their fleet of tugs. Take for example a customer in the textile industry. They started with three tugs, but this quickly became seven. Recently, they doubled the number to 14 tugs. Quite an investment, especially given the inflation and economically challenging times Turkey is currently facing,” Mr. Sedat continues.

A bright target for the future

“Although we currently focus mainly on industry, we also see a growing need for more efficient and ergonomic working in hotels, hospitals and the distribution sector. We have set ourselves the goal of placing at least one smart electric tug in the coming period at companies that can benefit from the added value of these machines. We expect the demand for tugs and the number of orders from there to increase naturally.”

Seder Makina goes beyond supplying products and has a strong focus on after-sales. “We are very active in marketing. Our newsletters, social media efforts and our presence at trade shows help us keep (potential) customers up to date with the latest developments”  tells Ghita project manager at Seder Makina. Last June, Seder Makina participated in WIN EURASIA 2023. A great success that led to many orders from enthusiastic customers.

We believe in Movexx and Movexx believes in us

“As an experienced dealer, we advise other dealers worldwide to join Movexx’s network. Together, we are committed to relieving workers in various industries from physically demanding work by deploying smart electric tugs,” Mr. Sedat said.

Are you ready to be part of our (green) movement? Become a Movexx dealer too and help us make more efficient, sustainable and ergonomic working possible for even more organisations. Feel free to contact us for more information. Move your work easier.

Interview with Mr. Sedat, Company owner and Ghita Moustatir Project Manager

Movexx, move your work easier!

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