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Lekkerland eases workload and improves ergonomics with smart electric tugs in retail and distribution sector

Bert Quik, Facility Manager and John van den Berg, Director of Operations share their experiences with Movexx, this full-service specialist’s trusted partner in on-the-go consumption. “The use of smart electric tugs has a positive impact on the working environment as well as the health of employees” Bert says.

Reducing physical load and preventing complaints

About 15 years ago, Lekkerland Netherlands started the search for tools to move heavy loads of up to 400 kilos to prevent physical complaints. “In cooperation with the Bureau of Physical Labour, Lekkerland wanted to work on ergonomic tools for our employees to avoid physical complaints. Due to the frequent and distant walking with heavy loads, there was a high risk of back and shoulder complaints. Using smart electric tugs was the solution,” says Bert.

Win-win situation through good cooperation

After contacting several suppliers and extensive demos, Movexx came out on top. The employees were very enthusiastic about the user-friendliness and convenience of ‘the Movexx’, as the smart electric tug is called by them. “We don’t talk internally about electric tractors or smart electric tugs but about ‘the Movexx’. You can’t get a nicer compliment  when a company name becomes a noun,” John says. Together with Lekkerland Netherlands, great product developments have been achieved. ”The clamping (electric) hook and the possibility of linking roll containers by means of a carabiner are product developments developed together with Movexx. This created a win-win situation from which we still benefit today,” Bert continues. The tractor is really an asset for the entire retail and distribution sector.

Your most convenient partner

The smart electric tugs have been given a prominent role within Lekkerland Netherlands. “Our employees can no longer do without the tugs and encourage new employees to use them too. They warn them to be careful with their bodies!”, adds John. “Our mission statement is ‘Your most convenient partner’. How great is it that Movexx’s solutions help to implement this mission internally? Where behorehand there was still a taboo on using assistive devices, today it is something people are proud of. In some Lekkerland branches, the tugs have even been given names” Bert adds. Lekkerland has almost 100 TT1000 tugs (the former T1000) in use. Each equipped with a handy, long-lasting replaceable battery. No delays due to flat batteries, but an efficient and continuous work process.

Attention to vitality in recruitment process

In the retail sector, it is common to look at how other organisations improve the work process for their employees. Lekkerland is an excellent example of paying attention to vitality in the workplace, through ergonomic policies and applying tools that promote safe and healthy working. They also emphasise this when recruiting new drivers, which is especially important in these times of scarcity.

Long-term investment for less absenteeism

“I am convinced that the use of smart electric tugs contributes to less absenteeism in the long term. We relieve employees physically and see it as a long-term investment. Movexx thus helps us to realise our strategy”, John concludes.

You can’t get a nicer compliment as a company. This is exactly what Movexx stands for. Keeping physical load to a minimum, relieving employees and preventing unpleasant complaints. The success story of Lekkerland Netherlands shows how organisations can optimise their working environment while promoting employee health and safety. Would you like to experience the benefits of our tugs for yourself? Then request a demo today or contact us for more information. Move your work easier.

Left: Bert Quik, Facility Manager Lekkerland Netherlands, right: Joost Vermeer Sales Engineer Movexx

Movexx, move your work easier!

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