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Bidfood drivers work more efficiently, more professionally and healthier with electric tugs

Bidfood is the online catering wholesaler of the Netherlands. They are literally bringing the world of food to their customers. The product range of more than 50,000 food and non-food products finds its way to cafeterias, caterers, canteens, healthcare institutions, hotels and restaurants every day. They do this together with their 2,000 employees, including a large number of drivers.

On the road with smart electric tugs

Every day hundreds of drivers hit the road to fill the pantries of Dutch catering facilities. “I no longer hit the road without Movexx’s smart electric tug” says driver Dave Dams during the Bidfood Driver’s Days. We understand that like no other. Our smart electric tugs make work easier, lighter and more fun. We don’t just say that, we let drivers experience it for themselves during the Bidfood Driver’s Days for example.

Ligther work

Before the products are transported, Bidfood employees place the products on roll containers. Both truck drivers and warehouse employees spend a lot of time every day handling these containers. Maneuvering a fully loaded container requires a lot of strength. Pushing, pulling and turning a heavy cart to get it where it needs to be, is certainly one of the heaviest activities of drivers.
To reduce the high physical demands of these activities, Bidfood uses smart electric tugs.
The company wants the use of a smart electric tug to become a basic part of their employees’ work routine, in order to increase sustainable employability. “I think employers should obligate their employees to use a smart electric tug. I simply can not do without it anymore” says Bert Engels, driver at Bidfood.

Bidfood Driver’s Days

Six times a year, Bidfood organises a Driver’s Day entirely dedicated to the driver. These days also focus on a healthy environment and easing physical strain in the workplace. And even though it’s all about the driver, in this particular part our smart electric tug plays the starring role. We can tell lot about the benefits of our smart electric tugs, but isn’t it much more fun to let the drivers experience it for themselves? “The smart electric tug is ideal in situations where it is impossible to move the container by hand, for example when there is snow. With the Movexx tug I push the container through it without any effort” comments Roel Kuipers, truck driver at Bidfood.

Smart electric tug in action

In an 80-minute training session, Bidfood drivers complete a course of two rounds with a roll container. The first time without a smart electric tug, the second time with a Movexx tug. What immediately stands out? Moving containers with the electric tug takes less effort, improves the posture, works smoother en faster. Especially if you have to load and unload dozens of roll containers in and out of your truck every day, you can put our tug to good use. In addition to learning how to manoeuvre the tug, drivers also learn how to use the tug safely on a loading ramp for example. “Safety first, that’s where we support our customers in the best possible way.” comments Marco Sales, Sales Engineer at Movexx.

Great feedback

“These days allow us to interact directly with the end-users of our tugs. This is incredibly valuable, we get immediate and unfiltered feedback on what we do well and what we could do better” says Marco. Movexx uses this information to develop smart solutions that make logistics operations more efficient, employees more productive and the company more profitable.

Movexx, move your work easier!

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