Heroes of the Road “Truck Driver Day”


On the second Thursday of December, we annually celebrate Truck Driver Day. On this day, we take extra time to reflect on the responsibilities of employees in this important profession and show appreciation for the work they perform throughout the year.

We share the story of truck drivers Marco and Leon Zijlmans, father and son, both employed by Euser Transport from Barendrecht. Since 2016 and 2018, they have played a important role in the logistics chain, delivering goods to various Gall & Gall branches across the Netherlands. In August of this year, Gall & Gall acquired 15 electric tugs for their drivers.

The work of Marco and Leon is challenging due to the time windows within which they must operate and the extensive work area. Serving the retail market takes them throughout the country, resulting in significant mileage on their vehicles.

They witnessed fellow drivers successfully operating Movexx tugs. Initially, there was doubt about whether this technology could handle the heavy roll containers filled with drinks. After a trial day, all doubts were dispelled. The Movexx proved not only powerful enough but also surprisingly convenient for the drivers. Father and son were involved in Gall & Gall’s process of acquiring smart electric tugs. Marco states, “It’s a great step for the drivers of the Euser, Simon Loos, and Nabuurs firms, and it also strengthens the bond between hired drivers and Gall & Gall.”

Working with smart electric tugs is a game changer. From using physical strength to effortlessly maneuvering through the streets, the initial awkwardness disappeared quickly, and the smart electric tugs have become indispensable in their daily work. The Dutch product, Movexx, is not only powerful but also relieves the drivers and contributes to a professional appearance.

On this Driver’s Day, we celebrate the many miles these road heroes cover, providing the final step in the retail chain. It’s special to take a moment today to acknowledge the excellent work that drivers perform. Thank you!

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