Efficiency and Innovation: The Success of the Rentex Project


With pleasure, we share the successful AGV project with you, which Movexx, together with DBM Industrial, Jensen Group, and ABS, implemented at Rentex in 2023. Rentex is one of the leading laundries in the Netherlands, specializing in providing textiles for healthcare. The joint project specifically focused on the ‘workwear’ department, where approximately 250,000 garments are processed weekly. Rentex continuously strives for improvements to make work more enjoyable and healthier for their employees and to operate more efficiently. With this goal in mind, they contacted the four suppliers, resulting in the idea of the robot. Within a period of two years, the idea of a robot was actually implemented as it stands now.

Who are the 4 parties of the Rentex project ‘workwear’:

  • Movexx, a specialist in moving heavy rolling materials through the use of smart electric tugs.
  • DBM Industrial, they design, build, and maintain robot installations.
  • Jensen Group, supplier and manufacturer of laundry equipment.
  • ABS, supplier of the ABSSolute ERP software system to laundries and textile rental to companies.

Interested in the entire process? Watch the video here on the complete implementation process with the four partners at Rentex.

What additional role does Movexx play in the entire process?

In 2020, Rentex started with 8 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from Movexx for increased safety, efficiency, and structure. After this pioneering move with eight AGVs, we were soon asked to brainstorm ways to automate the processing of goods, using AGVs and a robot arm. The AGV delivers 4 roll containers into the robot cell. The introduction of the robot has significantly improved ergonomics at Rentex. They can optimally load the containers and thus have a lot of data with which they can optimize the service. The robot has since then been put into operation. Rentex is very satisfied with the collaboration with all the involved suppliers of this project and is already working on the next phase, doubling the number of AGVs at Rentex.

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