The Future of Retail Is Automated Guided Vehicles


The rapid rise of global e-commerce in areas such as online retailing combined with high urban density and elevated customer expectations for shorter delivery times had led to a shift in the way companies measure success. To meet customer demands within e-commerce and attain their business goals, retail companies and manufacturers are turning to new material handling and automated solutions.

These automation solutions are known to offer many advanced benefits, including decreasing labor costs, minimizing downtime while maximizing performance and improving operational efficiency. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are a type of automation solution that eases the increasing pressure that is felt by online retailers to get orders out to customers more efficiently while reducing fulfillment costs. Traditionally, AGVs were employed in manufacturing systems, but thanks to these numerous benefits, industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, logistics and healthcare are taking note.

But the question that many ask is, are AGVs beneficial for both employees and businesses? Let’s starts with the employee side of things.

An AGV1000 automatically pulls a trolley over an optical track

When it comes to employees’ benefits, the two main points to consider are; efficiency and effectiveness. The former refers to how well AGVs improve the quality of the work environment, while the latter refers to how useful employees find AGVs to be?

AGVs are very safe and reliable. They often come with various safety applications, such as safety scanners, which automatically stop the machine whenever an object or a person crosses its path. Our AGVs have a low center of gravity and operate in a smooth, controlled manner, which offers stability and eliminates the risk of human-error, injury, and the risk of goods getting damaged while in transit.

The Movexx AGV1000, for example, is both efficient and effective. It can automatically connect and disconnect trolleys with two swivels and two fixed castors, and it is capable of moving a load of 1000 kg. It’s a low maintenance machine and has a quick-change battery system for 36Ah lithium batteries, which makes charging quick and easy.

AGVs are also very useful because they can improve employees’ productivity levels. With AGV, employees are able to work faster, more accurately and complete tasks with greater ease. In addition, AGVs have the potential to reduce employees’ physical requirements, meaning that employees can avoid physically strenuous tasks or monotonous tasks and let the AGV do it instead.

When it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, AGVs give employees peace of mind because they know that they can depend on reliable equipment to get their job done safely. Besides enhancing workplace safety and productivity, AGVs can have a positive impact on the business side of things too

The AGV1000-UnderRider drives under a trolley and then hooks up automatically.

A primary business benefit of incorporating AGVs in retail and distribution business is to save money. AGVs are not only capable of decreasing labor-related overhead costs, including insurance rates, pensions, Occupational Safety and Health penalties, and holidays costs, but because of their innovative and smart software, they minimize the running cost of traditional equipment like forklifts. AGVs can also increase picking speed and volumes while decreasing picking inaccuracy due to human error.

Another benefit of incorporating AGVs in your business is, unlike employees, AGVs do not require training. This cuts down any extra costs that come with having to train or recertify your staff or temporary hires. It goes without saying that AGVs are independent of labor market conditions.  AGVs can run 24/7 without any human supervision, which means that your business can continue operating during the night shift, weekends and holidays. AGVs give business owners peace of mind because they can cut costs that are related to employee wages, capital expenditure or leasing costs and running costs, and focus on what matters, which is satisfying the customer’s needs.

As the competitiveness of retail, distribution, manufacturing, and order fulfillment continues to increase, businesses must look at ways to optimize their supply chain, differentiate themselves from the competition and keep a competitive advantage. AGVs are a cost-effective long-term solution to transform the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of retail operations while benefiting both the business and its people. Incorporating AGVs can result in faster process times and reduced picking errors and improve service levels, all of which have a lasting impact on the customers you have today and the ones you hope to gain in the future.

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