The smart electric tug: a must have for sustainable employability


The increasing tightness in the labor market is making sustainable employability a necessity. Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain staff. This results in increasing personnel shortages and an increased workload for your employees. All the more important that your employees stay healthy to keep absenteeism as low as possible. Important for any sector. But all the more so for sectors burdened with physically demanding work. The use of smart electric tugs from Movexx makes work easier and above all lighter.

What is sustainable employability?

Sustainable employability answers questions such as “How do I keep my employees employable now and in the future?” and “How do I increase productivity and job satisfaction?”. It is all about the long-term employability of your employees. Being and staying involved in the physical and mental health of your employees is a requirement. Especially now that employees are working longer due to the rising retirement age.

Why is this so important?

Sustainable employability is looking ahead. You promote a healthy work environment, prevent absenteeism and reduce the risk of good staff leaving your organization. You probably already have a preventive policy regarding absenteeism, but sustainable employability goes even further. We list the most important benefits:

  1. You prevent absenteeism
    Healthy, fit employees are less likely to call in sick. When employees feel in place both physically and mentally, they can contribute maximally to your organization and remain sustainably employable.
  2. You increase work pleasure
    Employees who experience a good working atmosphere are generally more productive, creative and motivated. University of Warwick research even shows that happy employees are more engaged, more loyal and as much as 12 percent more productive.
  3. You save financial resources and time
    Employees who drop out due to illness cost money. One sick employee costs your organization an average of €260 per day. Wages must continue to be paid on top of the costs for replacement personnel. Energetic employees are more productive and effective.

The smart electric tug contributes to sustainable employability

Sustainable employability limits the physical stress on your employees. This keeps them fit longer, resulting in less absenteeism. Moving heavy carts and containers is physically demanding. The effort required for this is reduced to a minimum with our smart electric tugs. The tugs are designed so that employees have a good ergonomic posture and can continue to perform their work well.

These powerful machines move loads of 50 to 6000(!) kilos with ease. Say goodbye to annoying back problems caused by heavy and unnecessary pulling and pushing. Grant your organization more productivity and satisfied employees with our smart electric tugs. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact our specialists for advice.