Server Rack Tug

Optimize your server rack transportation in the most efficient way.

Server Rack Tugs

Prevent costly damage to valuable server racks and reduce absenteeism among employees. Let your operators move server racks safely, ergonomically, and stably. Injuries from overloading and acute incidents, as well as huge damage costs, are significantly reduced with this approach.

A server rack tug is the solution for safely, stably, and responsibly moving valuable server racks in data centres and warehouses. By lifting the rack minimally off the floor, we create enough freedom of movement under the rack, allowing us to smoothly move the server rack safely and responsibly. This applies to actions during crating and uncrating, as well as for moving server racks internally over short and long distances.

The TT1500-T a smart electrical tug that is ideal to safely move server racks up to 1500 kg in a coordinated, and stable way. The machine is used to cover longer distances in warehouses and data centres. Due to the adjusted speed, the machine is easy to operate and coordinate for any operator. Thanks to the large wheels of our machine, the risks during the transport of server racks are reduced to a very acceptable level. This includes joints, thresholds, and other small obstacles present at any location.

Movexx server rack movers are also used for safely and responsibly filling crates with server racks for transport to warehouses, assembly locations, or final destinations. The server racks are pushed into the crates on their own wheels and are safely and responsibly pulled out on location.

With the use of a Movexx server rack mover, you make a huge leap in safety. Your employees are less at risk of (acute) physical complaints. After all, manually moving a server rack weighing up to 1200 kg on four swivel wheels poses a huge risk for all operators involved. In addition, you also eliminate huge damage costs that can arise when the server rack and its contents are damaged during incorrect transport.

Movexx server rack tugs can be operated by one operator. Where previously 4 to 5 operators were used to move one rack, now multiple racks can be moved simultaneously with the same manpower. This results in a huge increase in efficiency.

All the benefits

  • Elimination of high damage costs to server racks
  • Stable and safe transportation of server racks
  • Prevention of damage costs to your data center or warehouse location
  • Reducing obstacles to an acceptable risk
  • Increasing productivity among employees
  • Promoting a safe working environment
  • Reducing the physical strain on employees
  • Fewer employees needed for the same work

Our Server Rack Tugs



- Battery: Fixed AGM maintenance free
- Pulling power: Up to 3500 kg
- Speed: 4 Km/h
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- Battery: Standard interchangeable Lithium LifePo4
- Pulling power: Up to 1500 KG
- Speed: Max. 4,7 Km/h
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- Battery: LifePo4 battery 24v/36ah
- Pulling power: Up to 1500 KG
- Speed: 4,0/ 4,5Km/h
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Our server rack tug are equipped with powerful, quick-charge LiFePo4 batteries. Changing a depleted battery takes only 15 seconds, without any interruption thanks to our backup system. This ensures that the essential electrical components always have power, even during battery changes. Charging the compact and interchangeable batteries is easy and can be done via any power outlet, optimizing uptime.

Movexx, move your work easier!

Want to experience firsthand why our server rack tug are an asset to your data center or warehouse? Contact us for more information or a demo on location.