Keep cool this summer: the role of smart electric tugs in beach supplies


The summer period is a challenging time in logistics. Demand for seasonal products increases, holidays create potential staffing challenges and sweltering temperatures affect both processes and drivers’ health. This is particularly noticeable in sectors such as hospitality, tourism and events.

Fortunately, the drivers of World of Drinks, the largest beverage wholesaler in Zeeland and West Brabant, know how to keep their cool this summer. The World of Drinks drivers are supplying beach pavilions daily using smart electric tugs. With these innovative powerhouses, they significantly reduce physical strain, while also working faster, more comfortably and more efficiently. In this article, we tell you more about the benefits of smart electric tugs for the retail sector.

A cool working day under the blistering sun

Imagine a scorching sun and heavy loads that your drivers have to move in the heat. Not exactly a dream scenario, is it? Make moving heavy loads lighter, easier and more efficient with smart electric tugs. The ergonomic design eases the physical strain on your drivers and promotes a healthy and ergonomic working posture. No more toil and sweat, but more vitality and energy.

Efficiency, speed and cooling all in one

Summer days bring crowds on beach boulevards. While beachgoers enjoy the warmth and atmosphere, catering entrepreneurs have their hands full serving thirsty customers. A quick and efficient replenishment of empty coolers is then convenient. Thanks to the compact design and power of smart electric tugs, drivers do more work in less time. They manoeuvre deftly through crowds and can carry larger loads effortlessly. This not only quenches thirst but ensures an improvement in efficiency and productivity.

Clean and quiet beach supplies

Thanks to the eco-friendly lithium battery each tug possesses, beach supply has no negative impact on the environment. Unlike polluting alternatives, choosing lithium battery is a sustainable solution that contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment.

World of Drinks and the TT1500-T

World of Drinks is boosted by the TT1500-T. With a towing capacity of as much as 1500 kg, this tug pulls a wide range of carts and trolleys due to its interchangeable hook system.

Ready for a hot, efficient and ergonomic summer?

Go for a smooth and efficient beach supply this summer with our smart electric tugs. The ergonomic design eases physical strain, making work faster, more comfortable and efficient. Even under the hot summer sun, our tugs keep a cool head and create a refreshing working environment for your employees. Contact us for more information or request a no-obligation demo. We will be happy to help!