T6000-Clean Room

The Movexx T6000-Clean Room is an electric tug, which generates traction by means of its own weight. The T6000-Clean Room is mostly used in an environment in which carts already have a hook or a folding hook. The T6000-Clean Room can also be expanded with a lifting module to use for carts without a hook. Furthermore, it is a compact powerhouse that can move 6000 kg with ease. Let the T6000-Clean Room do all the work, relieving you. Your back will thank you. With it’s compact design the T6000-Clean Room is considerably smaller than a forklift truck while not emitting any exhaust emissions. The T6000-Clean Room is also available in a lighter edition, the Movexx T2500-Clean Room.

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Maintenance friendly.

The T6000-Clean Room consists of durable high-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion and ensure a long service life. Where normal metals lose quality due to corrosion, this does not affect stainless steel. The frame is glass polished, giving the machine a smooth surface for easy cleaning. This ensures that the T6000-Clean Room is easy to maintain and maintains its high quality for a long time.



The T6000-Clean Room can easily move trolleys and carts with a hook or folding hook up to 3500 kg. When the optional lifting module is ordered, trolleys and trolleys without a folding hook can also be moved.



Because of the ergonomic design you always have a responsible working posture. If desired, you can adjust the tiller arm to fit your height. In this way your back remains unburdened, while the T6000-Clean Room does your work efficiently!

In action

Here you can see photos of the T6000-Clean Room in action, and for which applications the electric tug can be used.

Additional information


DC motor 24V, 600W

Maximum pulling force

Up to 3500 kg.


Built-in, 10 Amp

Maximum speed

4,7 km/h


Full rubber ø250×80 mm


310 kg


Steel, powder coated


511 mm


915 mm

Work height

750-1269 mm (variable)

Standardly equipped with

See datasheet


See datasheet