T2500-Clean Room

The Clean Solution.

The T2500-Clean Room is a variant to the Movexx T2500, and is especially designed to pull carts and trolleys in a clean room environment. Because of the closed clean room wheels, much less culmination of dirt occurs, and the wheels do not give off dirt. Furthermore, the electric tug consists completely of stainless steel (UNOX) and can be easily thoroughly cleaned, making the T2500-Clean Room a maintenance friendly electric tug. The electric tug is also available in two lighter editions, the Movexx T1000-Clean Room, and the Movexx T1500-Clean Room.


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Suited for Cleanroom.

The T2500-Clean Room is especially designed to function in a clean room environment.



The T2500-Clean Room is capable of moving carts and trolleys up to 2500 kg with ease.


Maintenance friendly.

The T2500-Clean Room consists of sustainable, high quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion and to guarantee longevity. Normal metals lose quality because of corrosion, but this does not affect stainless steel. The frame is polished smooth, making the surface of the machine smooth and easy to clean. This makes the T2500-Clean Room maintenance friendly and to keep its high quality for a long time.

In action

Here you can see photos of the T2500-Clean Room in action, and for which applications the electric tug can be used.

Additional information


Food & Pharma, Healthcare & Laundry, Industry


DC motor 24V, 600W

Maximale trekkracht

Up to 2500 kg.


Built-in 24 Volt, 75 Ah

Maximale snelheid

4,7 km/h


Non marking, full rubber ø250×80 mm


199 kg


Stainless steel, glass pearl blasted


513 mm


1147 mm

Werkhoogte dissel

1066 mm

Standaard voorzien van

See datasheet


See datasheet