P300 800×1200

The distribution centers, large offices, and magazines had a large demand for an electric platform cart. We decided to heed the call, which result in the Movexx P300 800×1200. The Movexx P300 800×1200 is an electric platform cart able to easily move 750 kg. The machine has a loading platform of 800 mm wide and 1200 mm long. The flat loading platform makes sure a structure is possible. Think of a tool cabinet for example. Because of its versatility, this electric cart is suited for the following market segments: industry, supermarkets & retail, hospitals, airports, flower industry, waste management sector, caravan storage etc.


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The P300 800×1200 is equipped with a ‘belly button’. If you suddenly come to a standstill, and the machine runs into you, this button makes sure the machine immediately brakes, and then drives forward a bit.



The P300 800×1200 has a simple design, enabling simple constructions to be built on the platform. This increases the versatility of your system. Besides, the machine can drive 5 km/h max, moving your goods quick and effectively.


Easy to operate.

Everybody can operate the machine by simply turning the machine on and pushing the flippers to the front or to the back. Also, no certificate is required to work with the P300 800×1200.

In action

Here you can see photos of the P300 800×1200 in action, and for which applications the electric tug can be used.

Additional information


Airport, Healthcare & Laundry, Hospitality & Events, Industry, Retail & Distribution, Waste


DC motor 24V, 300W

Maximale trekkracht

Up to 750 kg.


Built-in 24 Volt, 22 Ah

Maximale snelheid

5 km/h


Full rubber ø250×80 mm


144 kg


Steel, powder coated


800 mm


1543 mm

Werkhoogte dissel

700 – 1275 mm (variable)

Standaard voorzien van

See datasheet


See datasheet