Autonomous Precision.

The AGV-BASIC is an electric tug capable of following an optical route (such as a closed loop) completely autonomously. The electric tug is used for pulling trolleys with 2 castors and 2 fixed castors in the industrial intra logistics. The AGV-BASIC is able to semi-automatically couple carts. The electric tug is also able to decouple completely automatically, and the machine is very easy to operate. Because of the attractive pricing, it is an interesting model to start with in the world of automated vehicles. It is important, however, that the operator is able to start the AGV-BASIC himself. The AGV-Basic is also able to read tags that gives commands to the AGV-BASIC like ‘go slower’.


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The AGV-BASIC has various safety means, such as a safety scanner which automatically stops the machine when there are objects or people in a given radius of the electric tug.



The AGV-BASIC is capable of moving carts and trolleys up to 1000 kg with ease.



Because of a quick exchange battery system for 22Ah AGM batteries, you can easily and quickly change the battery, with minimum downtime for your AGV-BASIC, for maximum productivity.

In action

Here you can see photos of the AGV-BASIC in action, and for which applications the electric tug can be used.

Additional information

Market segment

Airport, Industry, Retail & Distribution


DC motor 24V, 300W

Maximum pulling force

Up to 1000 kg.


Exchangeable 24 volt, 22 Ah

Maximum speed

3,6 km/h, freely programmable


Full rubber ø250×80 mm


120 kg


Steel, powder coated


505 mm


1051 mm

Standardly equipped with

See datasheet


See datasheet