The new variant lithium battery (25.6V-120Ah) from Movexx doubles the range of the electric tugs.

Movexx offers lithium batteries for heavier segment machines.

Jan 21, 2019 | News

Since November 2018 Movexx also offers Lithium batteries for the heavier segment of their electric tugs. Movexx International BV, designer and maker of the compact green tug, is not a new player in the field of lithium technology. “Our compact tugs could have been equipped with this technology for some time. According to Iris van Ravenswaaij, CEO of Movexx International BV. “We notice that Lithium is the future. More and more machines are equipped with these versatile batteries. We have made lithium technology standard for a number of machines. Of course lithium has a price tag, but if you can then use an electric tug for more than twice as long without charging it in between, then that is very attractive for our customers. However, with our heavier machines we had to disappoint our customers. We didn’t have this technology available for those machines. Until now,” Iris explains. “We are very satisfied with the tests that have been carried out. The radius of action of our machines is more than doubled. This increases efficiency and ease of use.