Movexx nominated for the Innovation Award for Ergonomics 2023


On March 16 Movexx has been nominated by the ”Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie” for the Innovation Award for Ergonomics 2023. A huge token of appreciation that we as Movexx are very proud of. It completely matches what we stand for as a company, helping employees worldwide get rid of their physical complaints by using our ergonomic tugs.

What is the IGR Institute for health and ergonomics?

The IGR Institute is based in Nürnberg, Germany. Their focus is healthy working conditions. Through their initiatives and projects, the Institute actively supports companies in achieving their ergonomic goals.

IGR certificates are special quality seals. To obtain an IGR certificate, a number of criteria must be met. In the work area for product testing, we test product developments aimed at ergonomic improvements in production or office environments.


This year marks the fifth year that the Innovation Award for Ergonomics 2023 will be awarded. We hope to hear shortly whether we have become one of the winners for our beautiful product range.

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