Movexx CEO Iris van Ravenswaaij wins ‘JM Entrepreneur of the year’ 2022 election


On Wednesday 13 April, Iris van Ravenswaaij-van Vlastuin, a born entrepreneur and power woman, won the much coveted ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. During the exciting finals Iris was allowed to share her story together with three others. And with success. We at Movexx are, of course, very proud of her.

“The pitchers after me were fantastic. Great innovative products and services, personal stories and real stage talents”, says Iris. Iris herself was slightly surprised when her name was called as winner of the election. “It was very exciting to tell my personal story, but I can do what I do best because of the organisation behind me”. Her modesty graces her and that is also where her strength lies. Being transparent and open, daring to share doubts and finding solutions to together. Doing business together, that is what distinguishes Iris and why she deserves to win this award.

At the age of 26 Iris took over the leadership of the company from her father. Since then she leads Movexx with much enjoyment and success. Where we stay close to ourselves, sail our own course and only settle for solutions in which the highest quality meets high-tech design.

The pillars sustainability, efficiency and ergonomics are at the centre in all solutions we offer. Iris is happy to add a few more points; “getting things done, having a clear vision and – last but not least – enjoying yourself”. “Getting energy from what we do is very important to me. And that includes also the little things”.

Winning the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2022‘ election is a great honor, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. On the contrary, it is only the beginning. In the near future there will be more smarter solutions for our customer challenges. Movexx has plans to expand her international dealer network. Enough reasons to keep following the developments and growth of this beautiful international company.[/et_pb_text]