Nowhere is there more luggage and goods being towed than at international airports. In order to make this process as light and efficient as possible, Movexx came up with several solutions. For example, the T1000 and T2500 platform machines have been equipped with a radio remote control, so that the work can be carried out with one instead of two or three employees.

Food & Pharma

Cracks and seams in machines are particularly disastrous for the pharmaceutical industry. Movexx therefore developed a series of Clean-Room machines, entirely made of stainless steel. The laser-welding technology ensures that dirt, bacteria and other fibres in the air have no chance to accumulate.

Healthcare & Laundry

A good ergonomic working environment is essential in hospitals and nursing homes. The physical load, for example by moving hospital beds, is heavy. Movexx developed a simple ‘bedmover’ with which a large number of types of beds can be moved. This helps to lighten the load, reduce the number of employees and reduce costs.

Hospitality & Events

Hospitality is a coherent set of activities that includes the professional reception of guests. During an event you want to focus on what is important at that moment. You need to be confident that the logistics flow is fast and efficient. The trolleys with drinks, laundry trolleys and other rolling stock should simply be in place when you expect them to be. Movexx is your ideal partner in this. We ensure that your staff receive several trolleys at the same time, without physical strain. Do you take care of your guests? We take care of your staff!


Automotive products use a lot of transport trains for internal transport, called Milk runs. These Milk runs contain pallet chassis with four castors. Until now it was not possible to move these trolleys in a safe and fast way. The development of our RZ (Routenzüg) machine has changed this.

Retail & Distribution

Verkopen via internet stijgen met de dag. Om het groeiende aantal orders efficiënt te kunnen verwerken is het cruciaal om het proces van orderpicken zo efficiënt mogelijk te laten verlopen. Movexx heeft voor deze ontwikkeling twee platformmachines ontwikkelt. Deze platformmachines maken de medewerker zeer flexibel, doordat er zeer eenvoudig en snel op- en afgestapt kan worden om zo min mogelijk tijd te verliezen.

Waste & Facility

In all market segments there is waste. The problem often lies in the efficient handling of the waste. Disposing of waste in the right and most efficient way can be a challenge for any company or institution. Movexx can help you with this. A large amount of our machines can be used to optimise your waste management. To give an example, you can work with our machines to make a train of waste containers, to make waste handling as efficient as possible. Instead of moving one container by hand, you can now move several at once. You realize profit in time, money and your back will be grateful.