Material handling: faster, better and safer with electric tugs

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Why smart investments in material handling are important

Smart technology is incredibly important in a rapidly changing on-demand economy. These investments have increased significantly over the past few years and will increase even more in the coming years.
E-commerce continues growing while staff shortages in the logistics and transportation sector are mounting. A recent IRU (International Road Transport Union) report shows that the driver shortage in Europe will triple by 2026 if no action is taken. Finding and training staff in a timely manner remains a major challenge. Therefore, across Europe, the focus is shifting to investing in smart technology to support workflow automation. Smart electric tugs not only make your employees work more vitally and healthy, but can even automate the entire process.

Improving material handling: the benefits of smart electric tugs

Our smart electric tugs help improve material handling and logistics processes within your organization. Here are the benefits:

  1. You reduce wasted time
    A smart electric tug optimizes the flow of goods in your warehouse. Increased safety and efficiency reduces costs for damage and wasted time.
  2. You prevent physical overload
    Overloading stands in the way of safe and healthy work and can lead to health problems, absenteeism and even disability. A recent publication by Evofenedex indicates that nearly 40(!) percent of the number of days of absence is directly related to overwork. Using our electric tugs, your employees will move large and small loads with great ease. Your absenteeism due to overwork will drop dramatically. Another great benefit is that less stressful work brings more energy and enjoyment to your employees.
  3. Your staff shortage is no longer a problem
    Our automated guided vehicles follow a planned route completely autonomously. These AGV’s take over logistical tasks from your employees regarding horizontal material movements on wheels.
  4. Your processes are optimally designed
    By moving multiple carts at the same time, you increase process efficiency. By bundling movements, you gain insight into which processes are working and which are not.

Working smarter with AA1000-S-Underrider

That smart electric tugs are an addition to automated material handling within your organization should be obvious. Our AA1000-S-Underrider is an asset to factories as well warehouses. The AA1000-S-Underrider, specially designed for bi-directional movement of pallet undercarriages , is able to follow a route completely independently. The tug is easy to operate with a full-color control display. This makes this tug ideal for material handling in warehouses and production environments.

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Don’t miss opportunities, invest in optimizing material handling. Smart technology offers the solution. Do you want to learn more about how smart electric tugs make valuable contributions to your organization? Please contact our experts for more information.