Investing in vitality at work pays off

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Vitality is about the amount of vital energy or, simply said, being comfortable and healthy in your own skin. A healthy lifestyle is the starting point. And this healthy lifestyle is something you develop not only in your free time, but also at work. Think of employees who handle a large number of shopping carts. Who transport hospital beds from room to room or load and unload heavy loads, on a daily basis.

Vitality at work ensures higher productivity and less absence notifications. Energetic employees like to go the extra mile, are more involved and enjoy their work more than non-vital employees. Reasons enough to increase vitality at work. But how do you improve vitality and what smart tools are available on the market? The smart electric tugs from Movexx are a good example. In this blog we explain how the electric tug boosts vitality at work.

Vitality deserves attention

Working on vitality in the workplace is not without benefits. It has many advantages, not only for employees but also for employers. We list the most important benefits for you.

1. You prevent short and long term absence
Energetic employees do not call in sick easily. You will miss them less often and for less time. This keeps the staffing on the work floor steady.

2. You save money
It is of course different for every employer, but a sick employee costs an employer on average €260.00 per day. Think of the costs of continued payment of wages, but also the costs of replacement or loss of production and turnover.

3. You save time
To increase vitality at work, you initially have to invest some time, but in the end it saves you a lot of time. You spend much less time on absence reports. In addition, vital employees are more productive, which means that more work can be done in less time.

4. You prevent a staff shortage
Energetic employees stay employed longer. And that’s not the only thing, because who wouldn’t want to work for a company that pays attention to vitality in the workplace? You make the work more attractive to potential candidates.

5. Your company grows more easily
You save time and money that you can spend on other things. Also, with vital and healthy employees, you achieve your company goals faster, which gives you a competitive advantage.

6. You increase job satisfaction
Employees who enjoy going to work and feel good about themselves perform better. This is great for your employees and great for you as an employer because happy employees are more loyal, more involved and work better with colleagues.

Working on vitality in the workplace

Working on vitality can be done in various ways. You can promote a healthy lifestyle, for example by encouraging healthy eating and sufficient exercise. You can also increase vitality in the workplace by providing a healthy and ergonomic work environment. With the right tools, you can easily create a healthy working environment for your staff. Think of good office chairs or sit-stand desks for the office and smart electric tugs for logistics. The electric tug of Movexx is the perfect tool for ergonomic handling of heavy loads that are on wheels.

How the smart electric tug contributes to vitality

Harvest carts full vegetables that must be transported from the greenhouse to the packaging area, trolleys with washed sheets that have to be taken from the laundry room to the hotel rooms or heavy roll containers that need to be transported to the truck. It is physically demanding work. Fortunately, it does not have to be at the expense of vitality. Our smart electric tugs handle everything that is on wheels with ease. The physical load is reduced to a minimum and an ergonomic work posture has also been considered in the design of our tugs.

To ensure that the heavy loads are transported as optimal and ergonically as possible, Movexx always looks into the processes within your organisation. Together with you and your employees we look for the solution with the best result.

Please contact us for tailer-made-advice

Make work easier, lighter and more fun with the use of our smart electric tugs. It has a positive effect on vitality at work. We probably don’t have to explain to you anymore why that is so important. Contact our experts and let them inform you about the best electric tug for your organisation.