How smart technology enables more efficient retail operations


Surely, you’d like to see the shopping carts parked in the back of the parking lot return to the entrance of your store. A truck full of products on roll containers has just arrived. Moving all those heavy carts, from A to B, is a time-consuming and physically demanding job for your employees. Can it be done smarter? 

Movexx develops smart electric tugs that help. Our smart electric tugs are compact, easy to use and versatile. We developed the T1000-CP (Cart Pusher), especially to make moving shopping carts or roll containers more efficient. We explain how that works in this blog. 

First things first, the Movexx T1000-CP (Cart Pusher) is a variant of the Movexx T1000 Electric Tug. The first electric tug we’ve developed. The Movexx T1000 is a best friend in logistics. Throughout the years there have been constant improvements, in both design and technique. We have done this too with the Movexx T1000-CP. With the shopping cart module, moving heavy carts becomes easy. 

Less staff needed
The Movexx T1000-CP can move a long hose of carts. It works simply. You link the carts together and click them to the T1000-CP. The driver uses a remote control to steer the machine that then takes care of the heavy work. 

Whereas previously, two people were needed to do the job, now one person is sufficient. This is not only positive for the operations, but also for the sustainable employability of employees. By working with Movexx T1000-CP the physical load decreases and the work satisfaction increases. 

Work smarter, not harder 
The Movexx T1000-CP runs on a smart green battery, that can be replaced by a full one in no time. The battery change only takes a few seconds. Therefore, the “downtime” of the T1000-CP is zero. 

Another smart feature of the Movexx T1000-CP is that the base of the machine can be adjusted in width, so that different sizes of carts can be moved with the Cart Pusher. Wider carts are also no problem for the T1000-CP.

Movexx develops smart solutions that make retail activities more efficient, the employees more productive and the company more profitable. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.