Three defining factors for logistics and warehousing in 2023


The logistics sector faced challenges over the past year: staff shortages, robotisation and stagnant growth. These developments appealed to on the flexibility and scalability of organisations. We explain three key factors affecting the sector this year in this blog.

Rising labour shortages due to low unemployment

Unemployment in the Benelux has never been lower. Due to the continuing tightness in the labour market, the unemployment rate has fallen to a record low. This makes it even more difficult for organisations, and certainly warehouses, to find suitable staff and retain staff. Due to current inflation and a substantial increase in the minimum wage, wage growth of 10-20% is expected. Which puts considerable pressure on results. Organisations that fail to keep up with this trend risk dissatisfied or even departing staff. You want to avoid that, especially in this tight labour market.

Investing in automation

Three important reasons for automation are: strong growth of e-commerce, staff shortages and increasing supply-chain problems. The demand for products, from both consumers and organisations, is increasing. Customers also want reliable and fast delivery. This results in the great need to work faster and more cost-efficiently. You can fill in this need by (partially) automating manual work and heavy labor in your warehouse. A recent study confirms these developments and shows that warehouse managers are investing more and more in warehouse automation.

Changed customer behavior leads to large stocks

Customers are becoming more and more demanding. Ordered today delivered tomorrow has become obvious. This creates the necessary challenges in warehouses. To guarantee the availability of products in the very short term – often the same day – sufficient storage space is required, among other things. To avoid a significant investment in more space, you need to optimize your warehouse and use the available space as efficiently as possible.

Smart electric tugs improve your performance of tomorrow

Developments in the market determine the performance of your organization. Our smart electric tugs help you optimize processes within your organization.
A capacity shortage is inhibited or even stopped with the use of our tugs. On the one hand, through less absenteeism due to illness, because your employees are relieved of physically demanding work. On the other hand, the tugs significantly increase the efficiency within your organisation. Our AVGs/AMRs move fully automatically all wheeled loads through your warehouse or production environment. Smart electric tugs are not only durable and efficient, but also very compact. Large bulky machines such as forklift trucks, for horizontal movements, can make way for smart electric tugs. This saves space in the aisles, which can be used for extra wide racks. In addition, avoiding forklifts makes the environment safer to work in.

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