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In conversation with Kurt Greissinger of Lean Factory America

To supply best-in-class, manufacturing, assembly, and automation components, systems and services to the marketplace. That is the mission of Lean Factory America (LFA), one of Movexx’s overseas dealers. Their products contribute to elimination of waste, a cornerstone of lean manufacturing. By helping eliminate errors, overproduction, processes, inventories, unnecessarily inefficient transportation of products and unnecessary movement of personnel. Kurt Greissinger, Vice President of LFA, elaborates on why in particular the smart electric tugs are an indispensable item in their product range.

“We provide solutions for challenging ergonomic, visual management, material management, logistics, and automation applications. These include the Movexx line of smart electric tugs, compact push and pull assists. Our business began with a heavy emphasis on the automotive industry but as we added other product lines we have expanded the business into hospitals, data centers, e-commerce fulfillment centers, aerospace, and food and pharmaceutical industries. So, barring a global economic downturn we are pretty well diversified!” said Kurt.

It was love at first sight

His first encounter with Movexx was during the Modex material handling trade show in 2014. “One of our global partners mentioned that Movexx was at the show and encouraged us to go meet them. They felt it was a natural fit for where our business was heading and we couldn’t agree more” Kurt continues. “For me personally, the smart electric tugs were love at first sight. I went from telling attendees of the show that they could pull our carts with ANY tug to specifically pulling them with a MOVEXX tug. At the end of the show, I asked Movexx for as much literature as they could spare and proceeded to visit key, target accounts on the drive home. I couldn’t wait to share with our customers what I found at the trade show!” said Kurt. From then on, they have been proud dealers of smart electric tugs.

Working more pleasantly and efficiently with tugs

“There are several trends in today’s work environment including going forklift-free, an aging workforce and fewer available associates. No longer can companies rely on ‘the big, strong person’ to do the task at hand” said Kurt. He personally witnessed how smart electric tugs ‘normalize’ the work for individuals of varying strength. “Employees also feel better at the end of the day because tugs make their jobs less taxing” he continues.

A proven example of the need for a tug

As a dealer of smart electric tugs, Kurt visits many customers to introduce end-users to these innovative machines through a demo. He shares one of his most memorable demos, that made painfully clear what a tug can do for an organization. “I visited a customer to show him the benefits of the T1000-Platform. He explained that, even though he was convinced it was a great product, he could not afford the smart electric tug unless someone got hurt. Wouldn’t you know it, six weeks later I received a phone call from that same customer stating that there was an injury and asking how soon I could return with the demo tug. Had he placed his order after my first visit, he would have received his smart electric tug before the injury occurred.”

Kurt’s all-time favorite

Kurt’s favorite tug is the T1000-Platform, he explains why this particular tug is his all-time favorite. “Even though it is more focused on productivity improvement than ergonomics, its compact nature is perfectly suited for e-commerce and manufacturing facilities that are tight on space. Customers can work up to a full shift on a single battery charge and the ease-of-use that characterizes Movexx equipment lowers the barriers to learn and use effectively” Kurt explains.

A great asset to our product portfolio

“The uniqueness of Movexx is in the niche products they develop to solve specific customer challenges. Customized coupling systems for client-specific applications and stainless steel tugs for Food & Pharma customers are some of these examples. Neither of these industry segments were targets in our initial business plan, but they have helped us to grow our collective businesses over the years. I am a big proponent of smart electric tugs and have personally witnessed how they can solve customers’ problems. Over the years, Movexx has grown to be one of the bigger product lines in our portfolio and I would highly recommend them to other dealers around the world” he concludes his story.

Help your business to grow

We are the global market leader in supplying smart electric tugs with a capacity of up to six tons. Our products are trendsetting, innovative, and distinctive and make a great addition to your current product range. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer an attractive package to potential new dealers across the world. Interested in working together? Please contact us via the contact form or call us directly on +31 (0)318 519900.

Movexx, move your work easier!

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