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Gall & Gall uses smart electric tugs from Movexx for transporting heavy carts

Gall & Gall is a Dutch liquor store chain founded in 1884. With a wide range of wines, spirits, and craft beers, they are the largest liquor specialist in the Netherlands. Gall & Gall currently operates over 600 stores throughout the Netherlands, which are supplied by truck drivers on a daily basis. Since August, they have been using smart electric tugs to assist with this process.

Truck drivers working for Gall & Gall have been using smart electric tugs, also known as electric roll container pullers, since August of this year. These tugs are designed to ease the workload of drivers and enable them to work more efficiently. The smart electric tug made its debut at the distribution center in Delfgauw. The introduction of smart electric tugs contributes to the sustainable employability of the drivers, making their work lighter, easier, and more enjoyable. Eline Koekenberg, Head of Service Supply Chain, and Bas Fonville, Director of Supply Chain at Gall & Gall, explain their carefully considered choice of these sustainable workhorses.

Vitality is important for the industry

Drivers play a crucial role in Gall & Gall’s logistics process. They ensure that products are delivered throughout the entire supply chain to end users. The profession of a driver is often a lifelong choice, and Gall & Gall is committed to supporting their drivers until retirement. “It is of great importance that we ensure they can perform their work as well and easily as possible,” emphasizes Eline.

Why smart electric tugs?

“Gall & Gall has a strong relationship with its drivers, and we are constantly in dialogue about their experiences and preferences. The decision to use smart electric tugs stemmed from these discussions,” Eline continues. “The drivers move roll containers filled with bottles of liquor from the distribution center to the trucks and through the shopping streets to the sales locations, sometimes with weights of up to 350 kg.” By using the tugs, their work becomes lighter and more enjoyable. With the electric tug, they can easily move multiple roll containers with less physical strain, delivering heavy loads of drinks to the stores.

Bas Fonville, Director of Supply Chain at Gall & Gall, adds: “As Gall & Gall, we believe in making the work as easy and enjoyable as possible for all our colleagues. This effort goes beyond the boundaries of our distribution center, as we continuously strive for improvements for our own employees and partners, including our drivers. By investing in smart electric tugs, we ensure that the drivers who work for us every day can do their jobs in a smarter and better way. Our transport partners and especially the drivers are extremely enthusiastic about this step. In fact, because we regularly communicate with the drivers and carriers, we understand their challenges and needs, and we are happy to incorporate these requests.”

Making a difference

The implementation of smart electric tugs was swift and smooth, from concept to reality in just a few months. “We began discussions in March, and by August, the first 15 Movexx smart electric tugs were delivered. This investment shows that we care about our drivers,” explains Eline. “We are giving substance to our strategy,” Bas adds. “We are truly making a difference for the drivers.” “And it enhances loyalty to Gall & Gall,” Eline concludes.

Also looking for logistics improvements

With a clear commitment to both their employees and transport partners, Gall & Gall has taken a significant step in making the work of drivers more comfortable. Smart electric tugs are not just tools; they represent the future of an industry focused on efficiency, safety, and satisfaction. If you are inspired by Gall & Gall’s story, please feel free to contact us.

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