Automatisch Geleide Voertuigen (AGV)

Automatiseer het bedrijfsproces op de meest efficiënte en ergonomische manier!

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The power of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

By means of an advanced laser safety system, the AGVs offer the possibility to fully automate logistic business processes. The AGVs are equipped as standard with an optically guided system. This system can be easily implemented in almost any logistics business environment. While operators can make mistakes that can lead to accidents, AGVs can help improve the accuracy of business processes, reducing waste and increasing productivity.

The AGVs also use Movexx’s replaceable battery pack system. This means that the batteries can be changed quickly and easily, minimizing downtime. As a result, factors such as flexibility and mobility are pushed to the limit.

In addition, our AGVs have a high Return on Investment (ROI). When the AGV is used for 3 shifts, the machine has already earned itself back within a year.


Benieuwd of uw bedrijf geschikt is voor onze AGV’s? Vul dan onze online AGV-checklist in.

All the benefits

  • Take monotonous work off your hands
  • Fewer employees needed
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Less damage to goods to be transported
  • Less collision damage to machines mutually
  • Safer working environment
  • Strong increase in efficiency
  • More accurate delivery to production
  • Less physical load on the employees
  • Continuous operation, AGV has no break, no Monday morning and Friday afternoon feeling and no weekend
  • Strong reduction of operational costs
  • High ROI, AGV earn itself back within 1 year with a 3-shift operation
  • Strong increase in productivity

Our Automated Guided Vehicles

Lithium technology

Our AGVs (with the exception of the AGV-BASIC) are equipped with a Lithium battery as standard. The Lithium battery can be charged in between and has a Battery Management System that protects the battery against deep discharge and overcharging. In addition, a study conducted by us has shown that a Lithium battery lasts more than 2 times longer than an AGM battery, before the battery is empty.

A Movexx Lithium battery

Why an AGV?

Read our blog about why an AGV can help you.

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