Successful deployment of Automated Guided Vehicles at Van Wijnen


Van Wijnen, Europe’s largest housing construction factory and has a solution for the housing shortage, labor scarcity, and the growing demand for sustainable homes. With 50 professionals and over 70 robots, the work is done that would traditionally require 1,350 construction workers. This requires a completely different approach, with new challenges such as managing multiple logistics flows in an automated process. This also opens the door to the use of new technologies, including LEAN production industry 4.0, where Van Wijnen successfully deploys an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) from Movexx.

An efficient solution

In 2023, Movexx implemented an efficient solution at Van Wijnen in Heerenveen to internally transport prefab components. Due to the fully automated process, manual placement of parts from position A to B was not possible. Movexx advised and developed an automated solution in collaboration with Van Wijnen. Currently, the AA1000-S-Guided is used to internally transport plastic elements for the production process. These elements are used to create recesses in concrete elements for, for example, window frames and doors.

Are you interested in this process? Watch the full video on the operation of the AGV at Van Wijnen here.

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