9 Ways Automated Guided Vehicles Make Goods Transportation Efficient.


What is an AGV?
AGV is an abbreviation for ‘Automated Guided Vehicle’ which are used to effectively and efficiently transfer, and transport material loads from one place to another. AGVs are automatic devices that do not require continuous human supervision or intervention.

Human intervention is only required for the first step, where the AGV is placed and the software is implemented.

Advantages of an Automated Guided Vehicle:
Unlike trucks, conveyors and/or carts, AGVs are much simpler to operate and this has made them sought-out in many industries. The sensors, which determine the most optimal route, together with smart software enable it to automatically change course when an obstacle is identified. This means nothing can get it the way of it doing its job!

Here are 9 advantages of using automated guided vehicles to transfer loads:

Increase employee satisfaction:
Nobody likes the humdrum of pulling carts, moving goods and operating heavy vehicles, day-in, day-out. This makes the job boring and leads to frustration or low job satisfaction. Why not opt for an AGV, and let your workers do more stimulating work instead?

Decrease labor and equipment costs:
AGVs use CAD software to memorize all the transportation routes. This means fewer employees are required and fewer labor costs are incurred. In addition, equipment maintenance fee for an AGV is much lower, which means that you’ll get more value for your money.

Improve working environment safety:
The sensory motors, which display messages when there is an obstruction or prior to an emergency, give the operator enough time to avoid and/or resolve the problem. This eliminates potential danger, the risk of injuries that can be caused by spillage or broken goods and avoids further risk of damaging other products that are also in the way. All of this contributes to making the working environment safer for the employees.

Save energy:
When workers operate equipment like heavy trucks, large vehicles or even hand-pulled carts, their physical and mental energy levels drop, and so does their well-being. Since AGVs are battery-operated, the energy levels that drop are (quickly) rechargeable.

Save time:
Moving and transporting goods is a high-pressure, time-sensitive job, with little room for error. AGVs are very efficient when it comes to increasing output and reducing the overall time-spent on transporting goods. The battery and software-based system can also increase the frequency of assigned jobs, which in the long run, will save your business time and money.

Increase productivity:
An AGV, unlike hand-operated vehicles or physical workers, never forgets, never needs to take a break, take time off, or even slow down (unless there is an object in its way of course). Its battery-life is designed to last for long, break-free hours to ensure that it can perform more trips in the time given.

Reduces product damage:
Human error or poor judgment when transporting goods can result in financial implications. Since an AGV can transport goods smoothly, accurately while keeping the goods intact, it mitigates product damage, like dents or scratches, that are caused by goods rubbing against each other. It also uses its built-in sensors to detect any obstructions in its path, which means that you can be certain that the goods will arrive at point B, in the same condition as they left point A.

Cuts operational costs:
The one-time cost, invested into purchasing an AGV, guarantees multiple, long-term benefits including longevity and durability. A single charge lasts for hours on end, which saves you on maintenance costs and expensive electricity rates.

High return of investment:
When it comes to an AGV and ROI, rest assured because it definitely delivers. Only investing in one machine is a better idea, than it is to invest in multiple machines. When using an AGV, the total value of the goods transported and received will be greater, in the long run than your initial investment. Thus, generating a higher annual profit from that one-time investment.

Investing in Automated Guided Vehicles will save your business time and money. It will decrease manual labor and increase productivity. It will reduce the potential for product damage and make you working environment safer place. Lastly, Automated Guided Vehicles will increase your ROI. Make the smart choice and invest in an AGV today!


Alle voordelen hebben wij kort samengevat in bovenstaande infographic

An AGV2500 pulls an E-frame over an optical track.

Een foto van de AGV1000-UnderRider onder een kar met een zware lading.

An AGV1000-UnderRider moves a load by going under a cart and clinging to the cart.

Een foto waarin te zien is hoe de AGV-BASIC twee

An AGV-BASIC is the perfect entry-level model to take advantage of the advantages of an AGV.