3 things to know about the revolutionary MD1000


Last month, we showed the world the new MD1000, an electric tug like no other! Not only does the MD1000 give customers flexibility with regards to usage and application, but it also gives customers a solution for moving four-swivel-wheel carts. The MD1000 consists of modular components, which means that the electric tug can be used for many different applications. To date, there is no other electric tug built or on the market that is as flexibel as the MD1000. and this is exactly what makes the MD1000 so revolutionary.

Like the rest of our electric tugs, the MD1000 is innovative, practical, sustainable, and easy-to-use. However, three things make it a cut above the rest…

1. Modular

The MD1000 is the first electric tug that fully consists of modular components. The electric tug is engineered to simplify the complexities of moving 4-swivel-wheel carts while offering versatility in one multipurpose machine. In addition to this, the MD1000 can also move two swivels carts. The MD1000 can be modified modularly, which increases its relevance across different industries. So, if you require a moving aid to facilitate your warehouse logistic process, or you need one to work in the context of a milk-run system, then the MD1000 is a perfect solution for all your needs.

2. Bespoke

The MD1000 consists of two separately functioning modules, the Base Module, and the Lifting Module.

The basic drive unit powers every modular MD1000 machine. The Base Module consists of a steering wheel, two stabilization wheels, interchangeable Lithium or AGM battery, and easy-to-use tiller head.

The Lifting Module has an electric actuator that can move vertically to adjust to a trolley and its specific contents. By “lifting” the trolley, the pressure placed on the wheels increases and generates the required traction. The Lifting Module can be modified according to what you want to transport.

The Support structure/Legs and Hook are also customizable. The support structure is set precisely to the load. The width of the load can be adjusted to the available space while the length determines the pivot point of the load.

Positioned between the lift module and the load are the hook and its customized brackets. This hook is developed for the machine yet tailor-made to accommodate your particular load.

The MD1000 comes standard with an AGM battery, but can optionally be equipped with our innovative Lithium LifePO4 battery. The Lithium battery has a much longer life span, but also includes a Battery Management System. This system protects your battery against deep discharge. It is also possible to charge your lithium battery in between.

3. Endless opportunities

Despite the MD1000’s compact appearance, it is more than meets the eye. The MD1000 reduces unnecessary physical strain, improves controllability, and its light-weight body and short turning radius enable it to maneuver narrow areas with ease.  This is especially beneficial in spaces where every square meter matters. So, whether you need to move a stacked load, two-swivel-wheel carts, four-swivel-wheel carts, or you need to couple the machine onto different sides of a cart, the MD1000 can do it all, efficiently, ergonomically and safely!

We hope that you’ll be as excited to use this machine in your business, as we were when developing it. Click here for more information about the MD1000.