3 Electric Tugs That Can Make Your Hospital More Efficient!


How often do you think of hospitals? Many would say, never, apart from where many of us start-out and, most probably, where many will spend their final days, too. But in recent times, we have thought about hospitals more times than we would like. It’s no secret that over the past few weeks, hospitals have been stretched to the limit. The increase in patients, medical staff and technical workers has shone a new spotlight on “hospital efficiency” and how well-equipped hospitals are to handle the demand. But in practice, the pursuit of efficiency has always been essential for hospitals.

The concept of hospital efficiency is a simple yet complicated subject. It includes everything from financial matters to patient treatment, administrative and procedural time, logistical issues, hygiene, and of course, resources which deals specifically with staff capabilities, equipment and technological matters. At Movexx, we believe that efficiency is achieved through strategically harnessing technology and collaboration with each other. Doing this has enabled us to develop integrated and efficient solutions not only for the healthcare industry but for airports, retail and distribution, and hospitality industry too. Below are a few of the solutions that we believe can optimize hospital recourses as well as make hospitals more efficient.

Lack of hygiene can threaten hospital efficacy, and this is especially true when ensuring the safe handling of goods in hospital wards, and departments. Therefore it is essential to ensure that the equipment used to transport hospital goods is always clean and meets the requirements of a hygienic environment.

The T1000-RVS is a variant of the Movexx T1000. This electric tug is made of easy to clean stainless steel, which is a perfect maintenance-friendly solution in hospitals and care facilities where goods are transported on medical carts, work carts, medicine carts and food trolleys. The T1000-RVS gives you peace of mind that the job can be done safely and efficiently.

The T1000-RVS

Can you imagine how many meals are transported throughout a hospital per day? The short answer is a lot. Many factors define the amount of food that is carried in a hospital because each hospital has a different cafeteria, meal system and budgets, which are designated for meal provision. Despite these differences, one point is valid for many hospitals, to remain efficient, hospitals depend on effective and reliable equipment.

The T1000-Platform RVS is a stainless steel variant of the Movexx T1000-Platform. The machine’s back support makes it an ideal ergonomic machine, fit for covering longer distances in bigger hospitals. It can quickly move carts or wheeled roller containers without the need for physical effort. Like many of our electric tugs, including the T1000-RVS, it has an interchangeable battery system, which saves time when needing to switch an empty battery with a charged one. The electric tug has two adjustable speeds to enable the operator to cover ground safely.


Moving beds from ward to ward can be a strenuous task, especially when you need to move multiple beds at once. Just ask hospital staff who are expected to move beds whenever they are needed. But have you ever considered how this could impact the staff’s physical well-being?

The Movexx BM500R-FFC (Bed Mover 500 Remote – Front Fork Connector) is an electric tug that makes work easier for care-givers. Its compact design makes maneuvering through narrow spaces, such as small halls, corridors and lifts, stress-free. The BM500R-FFC takes care of the heavy work. It can move an impressive half-ton with ease, leaving hospital staff burdened free. Its ergonomic design is extremely beneficial to personnel who spend endless hours on their feet because the Bed Mover ensures that the user always maintains a good body position. Maintaining a good body position posture while moving beds limits the risk of injury, increases your productivity and enables workers to do their jobs better. Because you use a remote to operate the tug, you no longer need two persons to move beds. This ensures that you’re able to keep the 1.5 meter distance that most governments enforce, from other colleagues.


The BM500R-FFC


Implementing these machines into your business operational flow can help you meet your efficiency challenges. We have several more electric tugs that are well suited for hospital and care-institutes. Contact us today or visit our website for more information on pharma and healthcare machines.

A T1000-Platform RVS pulls a train of medical carts.