3 Common Challenges in Transportation and Logistics – How to Relieve My Employees?


These are exciting times in the world of transportation and logistics. Shortages of raw materials, high energy prices, rising inflation and a tight labor market are challenging the sector to be innovative and find effective solutions. As a logistics manager, you are looking for ways to support your employees so they can perform their work faster, more efficiently and healthier. In this blog, we discuss three common issues in transportation and logistics and introduce you to an efficient solution: smart electric tugs. Discover how these smart electric tugs are the key to optimizing your workspace and relieving your employees.

#1 Productivity

The logistics sector plays an indispensable role in moving goods but also faces challenges that require smart solutions. One of these challenges is ensuring high productivity. We all know that delays in moving heavy loads can be detrimental to an organization’s efficiency. Inefficient workflows lead to productivity loss. And this not only has financial consequences but also increases work-related stress and pressure on your employees.

#2 High Absenteeism

In transportation and logistics, moving heavy loads is a serious concern. Prolonged physical exertion or improper handling of heavy loads leads to complaints and injuries, especially in the back, shoulders, and knees. As a result, there is increased absenteeism and reduced work productivity. In 2022, we saw an average absenteeism rate in the sector as high as 12%. This is a problem that deserves extra attention, particularly absenteeism due to physical complaints. These complaints are largely caused by years of (unnecessary) physically demanding work. These statistics underscore the immense importance of addressing physical strain in the sector to ensure employee well-being and improve productivity.

#3 Safe and Ergonomic Work

The number of workplace accidents with absenteeism in transportation and logistics is significantly higher – at 2.8% compared to 1.3% – than the average in other sectors. Employees in this sector, such as truck drivers and operators of mobile machinery, are at a higher risk of workplace accidents. In 2021, as many as 196,000 employees were involved in a workplace accident. The physical nature of the work combined with shift work is the cause of the increased risk.

The Key to Efficiency, Safety, and Well-being in Transportation and Logistics

Smart electric tugs provide the solution to the challenges in transportation and logistics. With powerful electric motors, they effortlessly move heavy loads, optimizing productivity and promoting efficient workflows. In addition, tugs greatly reduce physical strain, ensuring the well-being of your employees and reducing absenteeism. Use of smart electric tugs contribute to a safer working environment. This, in turn, limits the risk of workplace accidents.

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